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About Us Savings and Withdrawals


As the amount of shares builds up, the common fund of money grows. This is then available for providing loans to members. All members are encouraged to save regularly, even when repaying a loan. This gives the member several direct benefits, and ensures that there are funds in the credit union for use by all members.


Credit union shares are withdrawable, provided they are not pledged as security for a loan. However, as far as possible, members are encouraged to keep their savings intact, thus ensuring that:
They continue to earn a dividend.
They continue to benefit from the Life Savings Insurance protection.
The member can maintain their credit worthiness and capacity to borrow.
Members are encouraged to take out loans rather than withdraw shares, as in many cases this will be the wiser option, as long as the member can maintain the repayments. The credit union will give personal advice to each member on the best course of action to follow.


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Athenry Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and our Reg Number is 71CU