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About Us Frequently asked questions

What is a credit union?

A financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members, for its members.

Why do credit unions exist?

To service the financial needs of their community, on a not-for-profit basis, and to retain members' savings in their community for the benefit of all the members.

Who owns a credit union?

The members own the credit union.

How can I join Athenry credit union?

To join the credit union you must be part of the common bond.  It is as follows:
If you are working or living within a ten miles radius from Athenry you are eligible to become a member or if you are working or living in the Kilkerrin, Clonberne, Menlough and Skehana, Kinvara and Ballygar parishes you are eligible to become a member.
Call to our Athenry Office or one of our sub offices to complete application form and bring the necessary documentation.  Once accepted pay a small entrance fee of 63 cent, and start saving by purchasing a share in the credit union (€1). After this you should continue saving regularly - even small amounts, which will give you the habit of thrift, and add to the savings pool.

Can school children join the credit union?

Yes! Athenry credit union, recognises that it is never too early to encourage children to get used to the idea of saving regularly and you are never too young to have an account.

Who runs a credit union?

A voluntary board of directors, elected by the members at a general meeting, runs the credit union.

What can a credit union do for you?

Your credit union can help you achieve financial independence through regular savings and fair and affordable access to loans.

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