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About Us How your credit union works

The credit union is co-operative organisation. Members in Athenry came together to form the original credit union. In the same way the farming community started the Athenry Co-operative Mart and the 'Creamery' in the 1960's.

Members of the credit union first began to save together. As savings grew the members were able to borrow money for their personal needs. Today as you are aware there are millions of euros in savings in the credit union. This enables us to expand our loan portfolio so increasing our ability to grow profits.
Not all of our money is loaned to members so there are millions of euros invested with financial institutions.

The original idea behind the credit union movement was to encourage members to save together. This motto is still relevant today.

The credit union movement has always encouraged members to save for their future. We in Athenry have been encouraging members to save since our establishment over 50 years ago. We would encourage a small amount of your repayment is put into your share account thus increasing your savings. When your loan is repaid you will still have your original savings plus a little more.

In general, members should have shares in the credit union in order to borrow from the credit union. There is a ratio for the amount of money a member can borrow. In addition members should have a minimum period of membership. Literature in our office explains in detail the borrowing criteria of the credit union.
With changes in recent legislation the credit union is now able to offer greater loans than was possible in the past.
Each loan application is treated on its own merit. But past loan records plus length of membership, ability to repay, and share balance/assets are all taken into account when assessing each loan application.

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